By: Samridhi Pratap Dubey, Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City.

Time is the most spontaneous continuing course of existence often taken as fetterless, boundless, infinite and sometimes even cyclical. Time is the symbol of change and represents reality. It is the cosmic rhythm which is inherent in every element of the universe which an individual perceives through aspects of creation and destruction in one’s life that is basically the history, the current indivisible time and the forthcoming. Everything happening around in the nature and the surroundings, like the sunrise, sunset, the different phases of moon, movement of the celestial objects, all are expressions of time.

The passage of time is probably one of the simplest aspects of human perception. Time has always been associated with the passing of seasons and the cycles of celestial objects. And yet, modern physics does not have any special rule regarding the passage of time. Of the many philosophical assumptions in physics about the nature of reality, none is more mysterious than the existence of time. The reason is that the origin of time is linked to the most basic knowledge of self-awareness, the knowledge that one exists.

 The present can be defined by the process of becoming correlated, being entangled with our surroundings. The arrow of time, then, is an arrow of increasing correlations. If time essentially consists of two different kinds of non existence (the past or the “no longer”, and the future or the “not yet”) separated by a nothing (the instantaneous and present or “now”), how, then, can we talk of time as actually existing at all? Many researchers believe time to be a paradox and an illusion where both future and past are recognized to be combined and simultaneously exist while others believe it to be a dimension independent of events.

Time is a mystery although there had been several researchers’ discoveries and theories about time throughout human history yet no one is able to understand the true nature of time.

Consequently, one can say, Time is the perspective of an individual as how the events play out depends on one’s own thinking (whether we are in a hurry, relaxed, gripped by an emotion or bored stiff) which also exerts a dynamic influence on their experience, motivation, and several aspects of behavior. Thus, it is only through  work that one can hold a specific moment, make it special and carry forward with him/her to make it eternal. So live every moment, for it captures the essential beauty of our very existence.

Samridhi Pratap Dubey, a grade 10 student of DPS Bokaro, is an avid and meditative reader as well as an audacious debater who values self discipline and humility. Besides, Samridhi is also a confident and skillful comparer who likes to host shows. She is also an enthralling writer who tries to connect with the audience through her thoughts and words. She strongly believes that patience, faith and time are the most powerful warriors.