Education and Technology

By: Dharminder Manon

In today’s Era Education without Technology is not at possible.  During Covid we all have equipped ourselves to reach our students virtually through different platforms using Technology. 

Schools have started using learning management system ( LMS) and also School management system (SMS).It has made our work easier and smart. 

Teachers in the classrooms are using different Apps to make teaching learning more interactive and Joyful. A large number of companies have evolved to catter the need of the students with innovative methods and that to at a very low cost.

Technology now has to be used by the students also. We are observing students are using scratch , Python to make Apps and also learning in grades five, six onwards about Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. 

All text books are available on the internet to access. This is going to reduce the weight of the bags of our students. Think of the days when our students will be having their Tablets or Kindle to read books and will be depositing the assignment online to the teachers.

Many universities already have started giving Diploma or degree on online mode of attending the classes. It’s a big change. May be tomorrow we don’t need huge infrastructure to have schools and colleges.

A lot of innovation still needed to have a better understanding of the complex things and I believe we are, specially India is progressing exponentially to achieve the best.

Author: Dharminder Manon is an eminent educationist, having more than 30 years of experience in administration and heading CBSE schools in India and Abroad. He is currently the Principal of SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, Varanasi.