How learning beyond books can make students industry-ready


Education should be a joyful journey.  We must explore our students in collaboration with the Parents, keeping in view that the child enjoys, whatsoever he is exposed to. In a class of 30 plus students different students have different potential.  Learning those potential and polishing them, giving child a platform will leads towards an excellent personality ready for the society.

Unfortunately our education system till date evaluate a student on the basis of marks scored. We need to change not only our mindset but also the Parents mindset.

Learning beyond the curriculum, is hardly ever recognized. Performing ARTS, excelling in an exclusive sports have very thin weightage. 

Learning by doing so many live activities will make our students ready for not only industry but also for the society. 

I would like to suggest some in-house school program for students 

1. Front desk operation 

2. Account section operation 

3. Transport operation and Management 

4. Estate Management 

5. HR, shortlisting CVS  and talking to the would be teachers , aligning them for interviews.

6. Event Management as Annual day, sports day,  Graduation day etc.

Further, learning how a factory operates, visiting a factory, learning different departments their respective responsibilities and skills required will make the learning more joyful and constructive.

Intern ship program age wise and class wise every year should be devised out and students to be marked or certified for such intern ship program. 

In today’s scenario there are many jobs in the government sector which doesn’t need any skill and for each post more than 50 candidates are fighting.  This is the result of our education system.  It needs to be reformed, so that our society becomes a happy and prosperous society. 

I believe that NEP reforms if applied quickly, will bring the changes and will make our students future ready, industry ready. This can only be possible if we are having Learning beyond the books, experiential learning.

Author: Dharminder Manon is an eminent educationist, having more than 30 years of experience in administration and heading CBSE schools in India and Abroad. He is currently the Principal of SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, Varanasi.