Courage gave wings to his dreams

Bokaro : Time had pushed his family’s financial situation to the limit, but he did not lose hope or his courage. He made his passion for music the foundation of his self-reliance. He wrote his own songs, composed music, and managed to cover his education expenses through it. Now his dreams and career are ready to take a new flight. This is Mayank’s story. Mayank Parmar (22), a student of DPS Bokaro, has achieved great success in not one, but three national-level examinations in design. Mayank secured All India Rank 9 in the entrance exam of the National Institute of Design (NID), Rank 18 in the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), and Rank 19 in the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) conducted by IIT. He shall enrol for a four-year course in design from IIT, which will give his life a new direction.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a tough time for the family.
Mayank’s father, Uttam Kumar, used to run a food products dealership in Ramgarh. He worked as a distributor of chocolates, biscuits, mixes, and more. However, the pandemic proved to be a catastrophe not only for people’s health but also for their livelihoods. The stocked goods worth lakhs were wasted during the lockdown, and his father’s business collapsed. As a result, the entire family’s financial situation deteriorated drastically. They started facing difficulties even in basic necessities like health and nutrition. Along with father Uttam, mother Meenu Singh also became worried. In that situation, the young Mayank did not lose courage and, with his capabilities, not only managed to cover his education expenses but also became a support for the family.

Learned music from the age of 8, has copyrights for more than 20 songs
In a special conversation, Mayank revealed that he had a keen interest in music since childhood. He wanted to build a career in the field of art, with his music as the foundation. He mentioned that he started learning music at the age of around eight when he was in the second grade. Later, he obtained a degree in classical music from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. During this time, he also continued his habit of writing songs and poetry. He wrote several songs himself and composed melodies and various types of music for them. Today, he has obtained copyrights for more than 20 of his songs, while he has already composed more than 40 songs. He has provided music for various campaigns, advertisements, corporate companies, and artists. He himself continues to sing as well.

Learned sound engineering and mixing from YouTube, a maestro in 3D designing
Mayank learned sound engineering and mixing from gurus on YouTube. After adding a classical touch to songs and blending them with rhythm and tempo, he has mastered the art of creating highly appealing tracks by mixing them in different sound layers according to modern standards. He has earned up to ₹25,000 for creating each song. Now, speaking of his design skills, his talent is commendable in this field as well. After seeing any place, he quickly visualizes it in 3D format on paper. His designs were so well-received that he achieved success in three prestigious national-level exams in the field. He has a special interest in visual communication design and aims to accumulate capital to start his own startup in this field.

Talent received a platform at DPS Bokaro
Mayank mentioned that DPS Bokaro played a significant role in giving a new dimension to his dreams and aspirations. The environment of positive competition at the school helped in the holistic development of his multidimensional talent in line with his desires. After achieving success in design exams, he expressed his gratitude to Principal Dr. A.S. Gangwar. The principal congratulated him and wished him a bright future. In response to a question, Mayank said that a career is wider than just medical and engineering fields. If one has skills and dedication, there are excellent options available in various areas that offer high-paying careers. One can make a career in design, art, and creativity as well.