By: ANCHITA HAZRAH, Delhi Public School, Bokaro.

India is a land of many religions, languages and cultures yet all Indians are united by heart. However, why is it that the youth of today would want to leave behind such an auspicious land?

India, in the 18th century was a highly patriarchal and superstitious society ruled by the beliefs of what should be done rather than what was important. The society decided what behaviour was right for an individual and what was to be condemned. Today’s society seems to have not changed by a lot.

93% of students in India are aware of only 7 career options: law, engineering, medicine, accounts and finance, design, computer applications and IT, and management. Other existing jobs are either disregarded by ‘concerned’ parents or lack prospects.

There is a belief among both Indian parents and children that proves medicine and engineering as superior to every other career option there can be. Indian children are encouraged to choose the ‘right’ instead of following their dreams. It has always been such that the society would judge the kids and instead of letting them live their lives, they would be forced to follow orders directing them on what to do, what to wear, how to act and so on. The environment slowly becomes toxic for the children and they start wishing for freedom.

It might have been possible to keep the kids in the dark in past but with the discovery of the internet; it is no longer an easy task. Newer generations are aware of new possibilities and find the ‘foreign life’ very desirable, where all sorts of new opportunities are open for all, away from all the suffocating oppression of the conservative Indian families.

As years pass, the technology will get stronger and then it will become harder to keep ‘kids’ in control. Maybe changing of perspectives is the only way out.

The freedom we seek from life is just our nature. Desire runs in our blood and therefore it is not wrong to make a move to fulfill our wants. I believe we are not asking for too much if we want to live our lives however we want to.

“Change is inevitable and we must accept it to move forward” is such a simple belief but perhaps too difficult to accept.

Anchita Hazrah, a grade 9 student of Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City is an enthusiastic reader of fiction and classic novels. She is inquisitive and has questions regarding the secrets hidden in the universe. She likes to learn about different subjects and also interested in languages. She feels that one can never have enough knowledge.