Finding Nemo

The beauty of a movie or an animated version of a story creates so much of curiosity in a child’s mind. As parents it is our duty to direct the thoughts of a child into something creative, potential and also channelize them towards something inspiring. It is so very important to be with children and explain a story or motive to them while they are watching a movie. A story that is inspiring as well as fun filled is ‘ Finding Nemo’. This is truly a fun filled drama that has so many characters dealing with a plethora of incidents. Nemo is a winner all the way and not even once he lets his hope diminish.

The beautiful bond of a father and son is also depicted very well in this story. The characters are simple, brilliant and the dialogues are rich. Nemo goes a little bold during his way to school and gets kidnapped. Despite his dad Marlin’s constant reminder of danger he does not pay heed. His dad is valiant but somehow a little low on luck. The enchanting episodes of the under water world fills the child’s mind with so many questions. It is great to know that Nemo is a clown fish. Your toddler is sure to ask the names i.e. the real names of the various other fishes in the movie.

The chants by the sharks are hilarious. The idea of them turning into vegetarians and then going back to greedy pleasures is also a matter of awe and excitement. The saga of Nemo who is so used to the ocean and later finding himself in a small aquarium at a dentist’s clinic is such a moving story. He often is filled with remorse and has dreams of his home and misses his dad so much. But the brave father Marlin also tries his best despite many failed attempts.

A child is filled with intrigue while watching the movie. The characters, the simplicity and the magical seeming water world depicts fun. The tension is hardly felt as there are so many instances like the failing memory of Dory – a friend of Nemo’s father. Dory is a positive thinker and always determined to lead the show despite her memory problem. That makes the duo Marlin and Dory add to the comedy. The various attempts to break the aquarium and the thrill or fear of seeing the dentist’s niece who wants Nemo as a pet is breath taking. The story also has a brave fish who had a cut fin and encourages Nemo to go ahead and break free. Nemo despite his own bad fin emerges a hero and also paves a way to escape for other captives.

In all a story of virtues that foretell bravery, patience, bonding, love and determination.