When Survival gets Pivotal than Productivity.

By: Anushka Mishra

We live in a world that places immense value on productivity. It constantly pesters us for being productive round the clock, whatever the situation. It seems right to go with this theory most of the times but not every time. Not when you are amidst a pandemic and your day is flooded with all these anxiety-inducing news of death and disease.

Although some people do try to channel their anxiety and panic towards something productive and it works out pretty well for them. Some individuals find solace in cooking a meal, gaining some muscles, learning any language or reading a book they have been stalling for long. It’s because they are able to do it and there is nothing stopping them. But it’s not the same for all. If you find yourself in this strange dilemma of whether to muster all your patience and force yourself to do something worthwhile or rather just curl up in a cushion and relax, then you’re not alone. There are many to stand in solidarity with you.

We all know Corona virus is the biggest pandemic to hit the world since the last Spanish flu outbreak of 1918. And no one who witnessed that devastating pandemic is possibly alive to give us an insight on how to mentally and psychologically cope up with this traumatic situation. It simply means that we are more or less on our own. Thus it should be our choice on how we want to wrestle with it. J K Rowling , author of forever cherished fantasy Harry Potter series tweeted recently on this very similar topic- “People have challenges you know nothing about. Sometimes getting through something is more than enough.” We’d be naive not to accept this. We already have too much on our plate and overflowing it would do us no good. Though skill building could be therapeutic at times for some people, it’s not universal for all.

We are already trying to hold up with this new normal- work from home, classes/coaching/exams from home, etc. Ergo, it would be unfair to imply someone a loser if they are not learning or emanating productivity during this crisis. You are human and not a robot. Even robots need to charge up themselves and take a break. Productivity should be and would be our 1st priority but that’s when things are normal. As for now things are not even remotely normal. You don’t have to get all those things done right now. Not if you don’t want to. For once in your rushing life, you are allowed to skip the rat race. You are allowed to sit unapologetically idle and carefree. You are allowed to Relax. Breathe. Brew yourself some caffeine and listen to the sound of wind and drizzling rain. If you are someone who wants to do something useful and highly fruitful but are unable to summon the motivation to do it, then that’s okay, don’t push yourself over the edge. When the time comes success would be waiting for you to hustle.

The writer is a Former Student of DAV public school, Hazaribagh. She passed her XIIth exam with 97% marks (Humanities). She aspires to be a civil servant and wishes to narrate a moving tale someday which would inspire people to do good.