Cocoon of protective bliss.

You remind me of a butterfly. Your journey just started from being left in the dark for almost forever but everything has to have an end ,despite the amount of time.

In that sort of time you will have to go through countless number of changes some even wanting to stop your journey. You will discover many challenges waiting ahead of you.

People will come in your life like raindrops, so beautiful and mesmerising at the start and at last they will be the one making you suffer the most.

And when the darkest hours are over some may knock and enter your life shining just as the sunlight.

Your beauty goes unnoticed by you but the others around you will notice it.

No matter how hard you try, there will be a little voice in the back of your head questioning it all.

As you open your heavenly wings, unaware of the fact of what pours; you hold within yourself.

You chase for the one and only and at the end you will be just as a satisfied.

Despite all  the stormy nights, the difficult times you will outshine everyone that got in your way and made you question in those crepuscular nights.

But at the end of the day it will all shatter into pieces as the cycle never ends.

You will be left with nothing but yourself and the stars in the night sky reminding you of the once ebullient sun, making you long for the feeling to return once again…into that cocoon of protective bliss!

Author: Jahnawi, Class 9, Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City.