Teenage, A Chapter Of Life.

By: Aditya Bhakta.

“Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness”. This is the thought of a regular teenager, they feel and find happiness in every situation life presents them with. They say being a teenager is the life of a person between 12 to 18 years of age. But is it just that? Has anyone ever thought about what a teenager goes through?

This is a crucial age through which everyone passes and faces all the difficult situations of their life and becomes mature in all aspects. During this age what they crave for is a good listener and they expect that their parents should be the one. No one knows how badly a teenager needs a person to rely upon, a person who can understand and not scold them for their problems, support and trust them and also not judge them. A person when in teenage, faces a lot of challenges and they become life lessons. Success, money, position, and power all are secondary, the very first thing a teenager aspires for is support. Whatever they feel from within matters the most. Most of the time they don’t get anyone to share their feelings with so with fake smiles and lies they run away from their problems. The thing is that they cannot trust because when they trust, they end up being burdened with problems.

According to researchers, teens should be given more time and not just the internet, gadgets or social media. Time acts as a medicine which will help them understand and analyse the situation with a new perspective and thus help them learn. Perfection is neither necessary nor available, faults make the person strong as they strive to fix them. A person has many choices and when proven wrong, becomes weak. Generation after generation, trends change, mindset changes and so do people but there are numerous needs of a teenager which are genuine and needs to be taken care of so next time when we judge a teenager, we should keep in mind that he or she is going through a transitional phase and will learn through the choices made. All we need to do is be patient and extend a helping hand, not be critical or judgmental.

Author: Aditya is a student of Class 9, DPS Bokaro steel city. He loves to play Guitar and aspires to become an Engineer.