Author – Ishita Tripathi, Delhi Public School, Varanasi

‘Dramas & Web series’, nowadays these words have been heard by almost every one of us in our daily lives. Among these dramas there are many which talk about some or other social issue.

‘True Beauty’ is one of them. It talks about the life of a girl bullied for her looks and later overcoming this bullying by various cosmetics. It throws light upon the fact that these days we, humans, have put standards almost on everything. One of those are the beauty standards. People getting teased and bullied only because they are not up to the mark of the beauty standards made by others , does this even make sense?, of course not! But From their thought process , whether you are a boy or a girl you just have to reach their standards. Because of these beauty and other standards, some people’s mental health is adversely affected because they get depressed and stressed and start thinking that they are of no value to this world. Also it makes us wonder how things have become so advanced, people trying to hide their real self with the help of cosmetics. People become afraid to show their real self to the world, along with a fear of getting bullied.

And the same issue is shown in this drama, how the girl who earlier got bullied for her looks, then using various cosmetics to hide her real self and then realizing that she is the one who first has to love herself in order to break these standards of the World. So this drama not only serves as a source of entertainment for us, but also tells us about one of the most prominent social issues nowadays around the world.

“A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence”, right?? Well, Hiii!! I am Ishita Tripathi, a normal human being just like you all. I am the one who shares interest in many things and is still discovering more. By discovering interests, I can say discovering myself as a reader and thinking of playing a musical instrument. Well that’s not sure until now what my future interest and hobbies will be. For me music can act as a magical medicine, which just relax my mind. And of course, getting inspired from people around me I am still on my way to become the best version of myself.